Ice Bomb

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This powerful hybrid is a cross of Vanilla Kush, White Rhino, and Bomb #1. Its full body high is effective for treating chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Its buds are sticky and frosty with a fragrant aroma of flowers. An exotic strain that is rare to find, try it now before its gone.

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Product Details

Ice Bomb is an Indica dominant Hybrid that crosses the genetics of three strains: Vanilla Kush, White Rhino and Bomb #1. Bomb Seeds, the creator of Ice Bomb also created the infamous Bomb #1, also known as Medi Bomb #1. This strain produces a flower with a THC content of 17-22%.

This full flavoured powerhouse has a rich cocoa scent with a sniff of sweet vanilla, no doubt from the Vanilla Kush lineage. The exhaled smoke is noticeably spicy, though the inhale is smooth as ice. The Ice in the name may come from the cool inhale, but more likely from the incredibly resinous leaves. Each nug is caked with a ridiculous amount of crystals. Imagine the sugary pile left in an empty bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Now imagine a bud covered in that! That’s how gorgeous these buds are. The buds themselves are uniquely bushy, with dark purples and greens throughout, causing the snowy trichomes to stand out in even more impressive contrast.

A bright alertness is felt immediately upon first exhale. Clear headed and calming, this strain is great for relieving Anxiety and Stress related illnesses. It is a true hybrid in it’s full body effects. Tension is released in the body as the Indica sides take a gradual hold. Melting away pain and encouraging sleep.  

This strain is the Bomb, if you’re looking to feel Ice.