Purple Candy

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This Indica-dominant strain is a well-rounded strain that produces a strong relaxation effect as well as a few sativa effects. This grape flavored bud The full body buzz that is produced by this grape flavored bud will have you ready for bed in no time!


Product Details

Purple Kush is a California born strain created by crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This pure Indica has earthy scented buds with a slight fruity undertone. Upon exhale, there’s a subtle hashish scent to the smoke and a sugary earthiness left on the pallet. Some users notice a berry taste and aroma, while others swear that they detect grape. This plant produces dense, resinous “popcorn” buds. Leaves are a pretty purple or gorgeous green. Orange hairs dance throughout. Despite what it’s name implies, it does not always bloom purple. This strain is great for users seeking long lasting relief from pain and stress. It also encourages hunger and sleeplessness in larger doses. Expect a blissful euphoria upon initial smoke that melts into a calm relaxation and elevated mood. There are many reports of dry mouth, so keep a beverage handy. Remember to always stay HIGHdrated!