Sour Tangie

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This Sativa is known to increase creativity and provide an elevating buzz to the user. Sour Tangie is a great strain for the daytime user.

Lack of Appetite
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Sour Tangie is a strongly Sativa leaning Hybrid; about an 80/20 ratio. It was first created by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam when they combined East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie. It has won 1st place Hybrid at numerous Cannabis cups across the world over the years. With a 4.6 star rating on, this is a favourite of many.

As imagined, this funky smelling bud gives off a citrusy, orange smell. The Diesel lineage standing strong in the scent of exhaled smoke. Some phenotypes of this strain are slightly more dieselly or slightly more citrusy. It’s pungent terpene profile makes this strain excellent for creating delicious extracts. Buds are fluffy and light green with flecks of dark green. Orange hairs dance through the heavily trichome covered leaves.

Known for its uplifting, euphoric high, smoking Sour Tangie is like smoking sunshine. This strain adds a vibrancy to the world, like it’s in super crisp HD. Users are left happy, energetic, focused and ready to conquer any task. This a great strain for Depression, Stress and ADD, but not great for Anxiety and Paranoia. Also known to treat arthritis and muscle spasms Sour Tangie leaves the body feeling relaxed and tingly.

Don’t be a sourpuss, grab some Sour Tangie.