Walter White

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Walter White is a calming Sativa-Dominant Hybrid that is great for battling symptoms of ADD, depression and stress.

Lack of Appetite


Product Details

Walter White is a calming Sativa-Dominant Hybrid with UK origins. It was created by Mephisto Genetics by crossing ‘The White’ with an unknown autoflowering sativa. Mephisto was blown away by the impressively thick trichome production of The White so with a little bit of genetic swapping the remarkable Walter White was born. The typical batch has a THC content of around 15% to 21%.

Coated in a massive forest of glittering trichomes the leaves appear to be almost a minty green. Thus leaving the bright orange hairs standing out in contrast on these dense pointy nugs. There’s a creamy earthiness to the flowers with a tinge of citrus. The exhaled smoke tends to be thick and pungent, so it may not be the best strain if you’re trying to be discreet.

This strain is excellent for users looking to battle symptoms of ADD, Depression and other stress related illnesses as it encourages focus and mental relaxation. If you suffer from panic and paranoia, this strain may not be for you and your symptoms may be exacerbated. It is however great for increasing hunger and decreasing nausea. Users have also noted relief from pain and inflammation.

You don’t need to be a Breaking Bad fan to enjoy Walter White, but it wouldn’t hurt to make Heisenberg proud by trying it at least once.