White Widow

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A balanced hybrid this strain is very popular in the Netherlands and can be found in nearly every coffee shop. Its resinous buds product a powerful wave of euphoria and energy. White Widow is very effective at stimulating conversation and creativity.

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Born in the Netherlands in the 90’s, this balance hybrid was created by Green House Seeds. It won its first award at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup and several more over the years. Formed by combining a South American Sativa and a South Indian Indica, this strains genetics have helped birth many legendary strains including: White Rhino, White Russian and Blue Widow. It’s always been a crowd pleaser, but it gained a lot of public recognition when it was mentioned on the show Weeds.

The White Widow flowers grow in chunky, cones. It has many of the visual characteristics of a Sativa. The buds are dense, but appear to be a fluffy texture to the eye. A subtle peppery tasting bud with a delicate earthy citrus scent with a tinge of cheese. There’s nothing incredibly potent about the flavour and aroma of this plant, it smells almost like a candy, but don’t let that fool you.

Expect to feel an energetic, euphoria upon initial smoke. This is a very talkative strain. It leaves you uplifted and relaxed. A great strain for creatives or people just looking for some mental focus. It is typically suggested for people seeking relief from stress related disorders such as Depression and PTSD. This strain melts away headaches, increases hunger and helps ease body pain.

Try a widow bit or try a lot o’ bit, this strain is sure to be a favourite.